There are several potential benefits of using ELECTROTEC infrared heated garments to improve performance, health, and keep warm outdoors:

  • IMPROVES MUSCLE RECOVERY: Infrared heat helps increase blood flow and reduce muscle soreness, speeding up the recovery process after strenuous exercise.
  • ENHANCES ENDURANCE: Infrared heat improves the body’s ability to use oxygen more efficiently, which can help enhance endurance during exercise.
  • REDUCES MUSCLE STIFFNESS AND PAIN: Infrared heat can help reduce muscle stiffness and soreness by increasing blood flow, relaxing tense muscles, and relieving pain.
  • IMPROVES CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: Infrared heat may help improve cardiovascular health by increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure.
  • PORTABILITY: Heated garments are relatively soft, making them easy to fold and carry. This means you can slip them into your backpack or luggage and use them wherever you go. Whether you are traveling, camping, or enjoying the outdoors, heated apparel can be a reliable companion that provides you with extra warmth.

The warmth feature is also great for people with cold hands and feet and Raynaud’s patients, keeping you warm on cold days outside so you can enjoy the stunning scenery to the fullest.

Carbon fiber can be applied to many products, such as clothing, hats and socks, clothing accessories, protective gear, medical equipment, etc. There are more creative works waiting for you to dig.

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