Prolonged subzero temperatures it will easily lead to arthritis, poor blood circulation and other problems, resulting in long-term cold feet. The best way to solve the discomfort is to use electric heating socks.

When hunting, fishing, sports, working, anything in sub-zero temperatures, Inconvenient to wear multiple pairs of socks at the same time , which is why there was the invention of electric heated socks. Portable power bank heating, can use up to 8H, very suitable for walking around in cold weather. There are also many kinds of materials to choose from, the most common is made of merino wool, which can better insulate and keep warm.

Electric socks are washable! Just take the battery out.

Whether you’re out hunting, fishing, working, or at home with cold feet, these heated socks will definitely do you a favor.

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  1. alejandro grajales 2023年7月14日 at pm2:01 - Reply

    Can I customize the color, style and logo?

    • Electrocn 2023年7月21日 at pm6:29 - Reply

      Yeah,There will be professional sales to serve you

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